Photography by Jerry Ward


In the People group, there are three categories:  Models, Adults and Children.  "Adults" does not mean adult photos, rather it's photos of adults.


Under the Critters group,  there are four categories:  Birds, Mammals, Domestic and Other Critters.


There are four categories under the Scenery group:  Desert, Mountains, Not in Arizona and Plants.


In the last group, Other, there are two categories:  Custom and Other Photos.


Use the menu below to choose the category you want to look at.

  • Click this tab for People pictures.

    Models - male and female models.


    Adults - photos of adults for  portraits to weddings.


    Children - portraits and action photos of kids.

  • Click this tab for Critter photos.

    Birds - different types of Arizona birds.


    Mammals - these are mammals found in Arizona.


    Domestic - animals that are pets or owned.


    Other Critters - other things that are alive.

  • Click this tab for Scenery photos.

    Desert - photos of the Arizona deserts.


    Mountains - mountains found in Arizona


    Not in Arizona - scenery from outside Arizona.


    Plants - anything that has roots.

  • Click this tab for photos that don't fit elsewhere.

    Other Photos - Photos that don't fit elsewhere.


    Custom Photos - Photoshopped or otherwise not the original photo.


    Cars - All kinds of cars, mostly my dads.

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